hi there well the thing is im going to miami in february and im going to buy a new bass guitar my budget is around 800 bucks and im insterested in these two basses:

fender jazz bass 24 v

traben phoenix 5 string

which one is the best to choose i play from death metal to funk
The Fender Jazz. It's beautiful, and it's a Fender Jazz bass, so you know it's tops.
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The Jazz is much classier and more versatile... go for it. Gotta love that finish.
The Jazz for sure.

I have one and im in love!
I own:
Fender Jazz 24 (5 string) Yay! =D
Behringer BXL3000A Nay =(
Zoom B2 effects Ehh? =S

Im learning:
Bass =P

I play in:
Casual Karma
The Uno Whos
- Both uni bands

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