Charlie Sexton toured with David Bowie for the Glass Spider Tour. He was the opening act. I bought the Glass Spider DVD and I was amazed at how good he was for someone that young at the time. He was like barely 18.

Anyway, I was wondering if his band, Arc Angels were equally as great, and if so, what Arc Angels album / cd would you suggest?

Also, his set-up (according to guitargeek.com) looks pretty neat.
I cannot believe no one ever replied to your message...

Well, I hope after all this time that you somehow find this reply.

Arc Angels debut album, just called "Arc Angels", is freaking fantastic! Superb guitar (of course), great songwriting, decent vocals. It sounds a bit dated due to the vocal style, but I absolutely LOVE this album, and have rediscovered it recently as I have become much more into Blues, especially Texas Blues, It is more a rock album, with serious blues roots. It is one of those albums that seriously gets in your head, and the songs play there for days at a time.

Best cuts: "Living In A Dream", "Good Time", "Always Believed In You" (my favorite, and this one got some airplay, I recall), and "Too Many Ways To Fall" (an almost "space rock" masterpiece). There is also a cut called "Sent By Angels" that is one of those sleeper tunes that is easy to dismiss, but really hooks you after awhile. So if you haven't noticed, that's at least five great cuts (not good, GREAT) off of an album that contains 12! Gotta love that ratio. And there really isn't a bad cut on the whole disc.

There was never a better rhythm section than the "Double Trouble" combo of Shannon and Layton. I cannot imagine how incredible it must have been to have these guys anchoring you while you play.

I think they put one more album out, but unfortunately the band disintegrated due mostly to Doyle Bramhall's heroin addiction.

Bramhall seems to have recovered, at least somewhat, but I think his harder rocking days are over. The last I saw of him was on the DVD for the 2008 Crossroads festival, and he played some pretty funky hardcore blues with a Wah pedal.