I have some questions about Guitar Center's Tunecore...

1. Does it actually give you enough money to pay off the initial fees?
2. Say your music isn't amazingly sh*tty, and they don't play it on the radio; how
do people know to buy your songs?
3. Would you reccomend uploading a full album or just a few songs?

Thanks for your help
I don't think it will get you much money, so many songs are on there and such that its rare you'll even get attention unless you have some outstanding tunes.

I just want my audio heard by the public so I use Myspace but I know they also have some setup now where the public can buy your songs for a low price, (under $1).
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Personally I would just put your music up on places like myspace, Garagband.com, soundclick, etc as these places have no up front fees and some (such as Garageband.com) present awards to outstanding tracks allowing you to gain a bit of recognition.
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