I just bought this tuner and am clueless with this thing. I tried tuning it with ca-30 and i noticed it reads some of that same strings as the same notes like it reads two of the strings as B. Is there anything i could do to fix it or learn how to use it properly?
make sure there is no 'outside sounds' around the guitar, or if it's electro acoustic make sure the volume is up. other than that i have no idea. i have the same tuner and have no problems
damn, i used another tuner last time and the same thing, i must be doing something wrong. ill try tuning it some where extremely quiet right now and ill write back
I had that tuner briefly, and didn't like it either. I traded it back to the store for the Korg GA-30, which is much more user friendly. The CA is a chromatic tuner, meaning it has all the notes of the chromatic scale programmed into it, A-G, plus all the flats and sharps of those notes. The GA will show you standard tuning, EADGBe, plus low B for 7 stringers. If you want to do altered tunings, just punch in the desired amount of semitones below standard you want, and pluck and retune. Might be worth a thought for you to swap out yours for the GA as well.
Yeah. I have the same tuner and it does that a lot. Especially with the high e string (reads it as a B and an E). The best way I know is to just tune to as close to center as possible, and it'll "flicker" between the two notes, showing you where you are. That aside, I've found it's a pretty decent tuner and is generally accurate, even on chords.
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use the buttom to play the sound and tune initially with that first so that you get your strings closer to their note. i've never had a problem with tuning because of doing so. but then again, i have a good ear for pitch, so i only tune the lowest note and then tune the rest by harmonics using the 12th and 7th fret.
Everyone and their mom has a Korg. Most likely its not the tuner, but it can pick up the noise of your pick plucking the string or hitting something sometimes. Depends if you are plugging into it or playing into the speaker.
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I've never had a problem with the Korg CA-30. I own four of them.
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I have found the same problem with tuners, and it is mainly the reason I only tune the low E string with it and use that as a reference to tune the rest.
In order for the tuner to get the sound properly you need silence, aim the soundhole directly at the tuner and keep it relatively close.
Using you finger (not a pick) pick the strings hard enough, but not so hard it will hit a fret while vibrating. That should improve the accuracy.
The reason 2 strings are showing up as B's is because those strings are tuned to B. Your tuning is way off. Just tune your whole guitar really flat and start from there. Tune each string to what you want it to be (standard tuning or whatever).