when a certain section in the tab is tabbed like so:
how would it be played with a pick as to play it like a cord but not incorrporate the strings not used. ive been playing guitar for a year. im an extremely good guitarist for only been playing a year and thats always been the one thing in playing that stumpped me
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There are two ways that I would do it depending on the speed of the piece and the duration of the chords.

The first would be to use hybrid picking, using the pick to play the lowest string, and the other fingers to play the other strings, but that is a harder way of doing it that works better for slower songs, with longer chord durations.

The other way is to use the fingers that are fretting strings to mute adjacent strings. You could also use fingers that aren't fretting to mute strings, which has the added advantage of keeping them on the strings so you can change chords alot quicker. This works very well for just about any song, at any speed, and it's pretty easy to do, just make sure you aren't accidentaly muting the strings that you want to play.
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just think of it like this with the muted string, play it but have your finger muting the 'A'

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mr.frandy's post would also be the correct way to tab it if your supposed to mute.

There is also a possibility it's a finger picked song(see if the original is acoustic, or if you can find a live version)