Is it just me, or do tighter strings facilitate the picking part of sweep picking?

I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to sweeping, but I've found that the sweeping motion seems to go smoother on my Omen 6 (25.5" scale, standard E, .011 strings) than on my C-1+ (24.75" scale, drop C, same .011 strings). Obviously, due to the tuning and scale, there's a good amount of tension on the Omen 6 over the C-1+.

Can someone else weigh in on this before I file my nut (the C-1+, as it is right now, seems to only be able to take .011s) and spring for a new set of .012s? For all I know, it could all be in my head.
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they might... if they're thicker, they'll bend less. a bit like how most people generally think thicker picks are easier for speed picking as they bend less.

of course, it could all be in my head too.
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Well I prefer thinner picks because when I use thick ones it feels like it's getting caught all the time. Thin is nice and smooth, and since the majority of the time I'm on light to medium gain volume is still controllable, albeit slightly softer (but you just turn up the volume and problem is solved).

As for string gauge, heavier strings (to me, at least) are harder to pick, probably for the same reason as above. Heavier strings = more force required, and for me, that breaks the fluidity of sweeping.