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in this case, it's a Zoom gfx-3 multi effect pedal

They will sound slightly better but all your doing is amplifying a digitial signal with a bit of warmth. So its still gonna be that multi effects sound quality... Which usually isnt all tha good...
My experience with pedals is that tube amps sound good and SS amps sound harsh. YYMV

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It depends how you use it.

Say you want a metal gain out of a clean tube amp...definatly not. Most clean tube amps, fenders especially, have a really sharp high end, throwing fizzy gain on top of that gives you a piercing fuzzy distortion.

If you use it as a boost and effects unit you can get some great results out of it. I used a Korg Toneworks AX3000g with my mesa F-100 for a long time. Got a good tone out of it.
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