Everyone. I am having to teach myself and im a bit lost. Could people make lists of what they think i should learn and work on, in order, to become a better guitarist. I like to play alot of metal and i dream of being a lead guitarist although im rythum now. That would be really cool and i appreciate everyone who replys.
Learn music theory, learn as many metal songs as you can, start writing your own metal songs, no mater how bad they are, practice improvising, practice speed patterns with a metronome.
What you should learn are songs you like. It is really that simple. Anyone who tells you that theory comes before such things isn't really in it for the right reasons, as far as I can figure. Cutting up beats like a metronome would teach you is something you will develop if you play enough, trying to match especially those songs with complicated or challenging rhythms. Desire shouldn't be something you fake, but if you want to play with passion and keep feeling the music, devour the sounds that inspired you to start creating music.

I started on some fairly hard and common songs, like Iron Man and Master of Puppets, Seek and Destroy, Led Zeppelin songs, and learned how to play them note for note. Not because I felt like I should but because those songs were the music I picked up the guitar for. Learn every song you love, starting with the simpler parts of them, like the verse of Iron Man for example, and when you are past the easy parts start nailing the solos and whatever else. Gradually these songs will become easy to you and you will be good enough and learned enough that you soon will be able to play anything you hear, and the longer you've been playing the easier it is to write.