I've had it with the pit. It's run by a bunch of retards living in their parents' cellars, looking for people to report for random reasons and responding to the threads that are the least mature and have the least relevance. I've had about five or six threads closed, two or so were because they were duplicates, which I wasn't aware was the case, so it was the fault of my ignorance and not using the search bar. I admit it. The others, on the other hand, have been a lot more relevant, usually a poll or something of the sort. My last thread, "Number of times you're thread has been closed down" was closed down. Yes, I understand irony, but why was it closed down? I wanted an honest statistic of how many threads individual people have started that have been closed down, what's wrong with that? It's not spam, it's relevant to the pit and the pit dwellers. On the other hand, threads like "Can a woman do a guitar" don't get closed down even though it's spam, it has nothing to do with anything in the pit, and on a conservative note, offensive and sexist. I can handle humor, but when threads like mine are closed down and offensive, random threads aren't, that takes it too far. I hate the pit.
My thread was closed down, I can almost live with that even though there was no real reason for it, but I was then sent a warning by some retard named The Hurt Within, and the warning said, "In fact, here is the exact reason for the warning:
https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?postid=12688617#post12688617 -- Spam....sigh."
Then it gave me a list of things I'm not allowed to do:
* Don't spam
* Don't flame
* Don't post images/links to adult websites
* Don't advertise 3rd party websites
* Don't post "1st/2nd/3rd" message in the articles
* Follow the rules of every particular forum you're posting in
I haven't spammed, I haven't flamed (yes, I know I'm doing it right now), I haven't posted images or links to adult websites,I haven't advertised 3rd party websites (I started one thread asking about the validity of a website and it got closed down), I have followed the rules of the particular forum I'm posting in, and what the crap is "1st/2nd/3rd message in the articles"? Either way, I know I haven't done it.

I am now deleting my account, so don't bother trying to report me again. You can, however close down this thread and by doing so close down the reality of thread, thus pushing it to the last page so people can't read my rant.
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I'll give you a hand with the removal of your account.
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