This is a really close call, the thing that could break this race it what music your into and how versatile a guitar you'll need.

If your into mainly blues and funk, get the strat, those pick-ups cant get very hot on the 50s models.

If you want almost everything, get the PRS

If you want almost everything but with a deeeeeeeeeeeeeper tone, get the Les Paul
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Which one I would buy - definitely the PRS. Played it, would love to get one myself one day.

Also depends on whether you want the Humbucker sound, or single coil?
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The strat is going to give you a nice tone. Ive tried a PRS Custom 24 and a Gibson Les Paul Standard and i prefered the feel of the Gibby. It all depends on what kind of music you want to play. In my opinion, the PRS at that price are not as good as the upper level ones. They are very nice looking but you might get a better sound and functionality out of a Les Paul or a Strat. As far as the Studio LP, its well priced but im not a big fan of it, the standard sounds much better you might as well get an Epiphone LP Custom and change the pickups. If your willing to spend 1200 dollars on the studio though and like the strat why not look at the American Deluxe HSS Strat. Its got a humbucker and noisless single coils plus trem locking tuners and the S-1 switch system.
Best of both worlds. Im actually thinking about getting this myself.
It all the depends on what suits you better.