Tom Morello is my favorite guitarist of all time. I am a huge Rage fan and I love his solos in Audioslave. He invented his very own style thats like no other. but some of my friends say that he is untalented and relies on effects and his trusty toggle switch all the time.

So lemme here your opinions
Wrong forum, take it to the Rage or Tom Morello thread.
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well, he's different that's for sure. and different is nice. but some of his techniques (like screwing with the tuning heads) are ridiculous
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Tom Morello is awesome. He's incredibly innovative, no one sounds like him, and he's a really decent, educated guy (he went to univeristy)

Next time someone says he is untalented, make them listen to the solo in Know Your Enemy. At full volume. Then laugh as you watch their face melt.
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He's original, but because his style is very limited, I'd lean more towards good for nothin'.
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I wasn't aware of his abilities until I watched that video on Guitar Hero III. In the end I was thoroughly impressed.
I think questions like these are pointless - honestly. It's not a stab at you, but a stab more at the question. Even if he DID use his toggle switch all the time - so what? It is HIS style. I credit anyone who has their own thing. No point in trying to suggest that a person is any better or worse than someone if their styles are different.

I guess what I'm saying is - he's amazing - like any other person with a unique style (uniqueness is great in this world). Find someone that is better than him at the same style, then we can really compare artists.

That's my two cents.

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i think hes more of a good fer nuthin just beacuse of all the effects he uses... that doesnt make him bad but it doesnt make him a god