Here's a song i just finished, kind of in the vein of porcupine tree/other prog acts. need criticism, need help on ending.
I really liked that dude. A lot. I think you're defenitely one of the better musicians on here..... plus I just really, really like your style. My only real thing to crit on the song was the acoustic lick at the begging. It was kind of boring with that C playing over and over again. Maybe you could appreggiate the riff a little bit more?

But holy **** man, that piece was prbrably the best I've ever heard on this site.

You can crit one of mine if you want.... preferably the bottom one in my sig.
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I liked it, even though it really wasn't my style, cannot deny that you have talent. The piano stuff reminded me of Coldplay. I think there was also a part in the intro where it sounded out of key. But it was awesome.

Crit mine if u want: http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=12771159#post12771159
That was really good.
It sounded really good and ambient up until 84... Then the drums kicked in, and honestly they sounded sort of horrible. lol

I really liked 100-112. I think it sounded better without distortion.

And I don't say this much (read: ever), but if getting hit in the nuts felt good, the solo and post-solo parts were like getting kicked in the nuts really freaking hard. Three times.

Not sure what to do at the end though. Hope you finish it though. =)
i absolutely LOVE!! the solo such genius! that really made the song!

could u by any chance make a solo for my song which u said needed a solo cos i find ur solos absolute amazing!
if u can make it for "time for change" where the corrent solo type thing is i would by so thankful if u did and if u do post it in the post where u talked about my bands songs "beyond the shadow"

thanks again and i lvoe the song!
I really liked it and it definitely does sound like Porcupine Tree.

I'll be the odd guy out for a second and say that I really didn't like the solo. You've got this great piece of music to put a really expressive an memorable solo over, and instead you're shredding arpeggios. There's a time and a place, and that just didn't feel like it. Maybe if you built into it instead of going full bore out of the gate, I don't know.

It's not a bad solo on it's own, cool ideas, the harmonizing was a nice touch, but it's just not memorable and it just didn't fit the context of the song.
THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you stool your intro form Ensiferum's "Threachrous Gods" you should cuz it is plagerism.
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THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you stool your intro form Ensiferum's "Threachrous Gods" you should cuz it is plagerism.

Haha just cause it sounds like it doesn't mean he stole it.
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