I'm debating whether or not to get the Digitech RP350 or a simple Screamin Blues pedal by Digitech. I'm fairly new and I think the RP350 will expose me to a lot of different sounds/effects. The Xedit interface and recording interface look cool as well. Plus the metronome feature looks cool.

My setup are Fenders and Schecter guitars. I play mainly classic rock.

My amp is a Palimino V8.



I'd say the RP350. They're pretty neat.
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I also have a RP250 it woulds great, so its safe to assume that the 350 will be a good choice.
Get neither... Digitech pedals sound very digital, and will be a mushy mess when you try to play them through anything bigger than a practise amp.
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I agree with Cesium; up to a point.

My RP250 sounds great through my Cube 30 and nice through some of the half stacks I've tried it on. A lot of the time I've found that you really have to do a painful amount of fiddling to get good results.
I have an RP250. It's pretty neat, but sometimes you have to mess around with settings a lot to get good sound.
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