So about a year ago, I built a Saga tele.
I decided it was time to upgrade it, so I ordered a pair of Lil Punchers from Guitarfetish, along with a couple DPDT pots for coil splitting.

Everything appears to be wired according to this diagram.

It might be noted that I bought a three-way switch from GFS as well, and I bent the terminals so that all of the terminals to be ground were on one side.

Also, whenever I touch the rails of one pickup, I get a REALLY bad buzzing, which can't be good.

Any help?
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Just sounds like either a wrong wire somewhere, or a couple of solder points arn't done properly, maybe your earth?
Just make sure all your solder bits are clean and that the wires are touching the lug/pit whatever, thats a common mistake that people make, solder isn't supposed to carry current so there must be some contact