Hey. I was thinking about buying a mandolin, but I don't know anything about them, except that there are all different styles. Maybe, they don't sound that different from eachother, in which case I could just get any kind. But, I wanted one that sounds like the one that's used in Agalloch's "A Desolation Song" or "Tomorrow Will Never Come." Maybe, I won't be able to afford one that sounds this way.

Here is one of the songs:


The mandolin comes in at 1:33.

I've got a Mandolin by Applause (aka Ovation) and it will play that for sure. I would assume that any A or F style mandolin will play that.

If your on the cheap Musicians Friend has some starter deals for around 50 bucks.

I really enjoy my mandolin that I have. I bought it for 150 used and with a case. It plays awsome and is acoustic/electric so i get to amp it if needed.

I would look for a tab and check it out/print it off. Go up to the local music store and see if they have any mandolins. Take the tab with you, tell the sales person to go away for a bit, try it out. See what works.

Good luck. Hope you enjoy your pursuits with mandolin.