As it says, I'm wanting to buy an Xbox 360, Wii, and PSP (Not the slim version. Imma gonna do me some modding and I hear those are difficult to mess with.).

If possible, I don't really need any cables or accessories for a 360 (I already have one, but it is deciding to die, so I'm buying a new one.) so if it'll trim a few bucks off, I'd like to buy it without those.

For the PSP and Wii, I'll need the required cords and whatnot. Also, I'll likely be more than happy to buy controllers and possibly certain games, so just make a list of accessories ya got and how much you're chargin for em.

Also, if you have any broken Wiis, Xbox 360s, PS3s, PSPs, or DSs that you wanna sell DIRT CHEAP, I might take those off of your hands depending on what you describe is wrong with em (If you say, "broke into 3 pieces," or something along those lines, I naturally won't want it.). I find it fun to take those things apart to just mess around.

Keep in mind that I definitely won't pay any more (Or equal to, for that matter.) than I could buy it used at Gamestop or elsewhere, so check prices before you offer. Also, if you for some reason are interested, I have one of those Spider 3 15 watt modeling combos that I'd be more than happy to trade for a few bucks offa these things.

I live in the US (Tennessee.) and I really don't wanna bother with international shipping and other issues associated with buying electronics from overseas.

Thanks for reading!

I would really like that Spider III, but I don't have any of my next gen systems for sell.

If you are interestested any some games for any system, + a gamecube for it let me know. Don't need a gamecube since i have a wii
Have a psp and the charging cable and such (will see if I can find the third-party USB cable), have a few games I'd basically chuck in for free. Its in good condition, might have a few scratches, but definitely nothing serious. If you're interested and make some kind of offer I'll get some pics of it.