In a song, do you tend to grip the pick you are holding tight, or loose?

In the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC, I plan to pick it out, because I don't think i'm ready for hammer-ons yet. I'd rather pick all of it, and that's that. I don't play on changing my way to play the song yet. I've been playing for 7 months, but I guess i'm doing okay, but I just need to know.

Do you grip the pick tight or loose, and how hard do you strum over the string? I'm talking about the B string, 'cause the beginning and intro parts of Thunderstruck are quite hard to do when I keep losing grip if I'm too tight and I miss strings and pluck other strings.
Depends for me....I usually keep a medium/tight grip but that's just me...I'm known to beat the **** out of my strings when playing. (I mostly downpick)
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When I play the intro to thunderstruck, notably live, I put my index and middle finger over my G and E strings, so I don't accidentally hit one while I'm pulling off and hammering on.

In theory, with fast alternate picking, you should hold the pick lightly. You want it to give a little so it slices through the string without resistance.
Hm.. really? D: Alright. I'll try that..

But if I strum a little harder then actual a rich tone comes out and then it sounds whole.
It is fun playing Thunderstruck at double speed if you use two hand tapping. I think it would be much harder to pick every note than do hammer ons and pull offs; you would need to move a lot faster.
Whenever I hold the pick lightly while alternate picking it falls out of my hand. Whenever I hold the pick tightly while alternate picking I can't keep up with the metronome. Either find a balance or I'm taking the "there's no wrong way to hold a pick" advice on UG way too literal. (e.g. 3/4 of my pick is showing when I pick)
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It's easier to hammer and pull Thunderstuck. Just use high gain and mute all the other strings with your right hand so that the amp isn't picking up neck vibrations.
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I hold it just light enough that there is some slack but tight enough where it doesn't slip. Just practice the picking, it'll just come, thats basically what it did with me.
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