Its kinda emo, kinda singer/ songwriter stuff.

Please, if you're not into this kind of music, don't make disparaging remarks.

Other than that I'd appreciate some feedback.

Thanks, Georgie

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Finally There:
I like that opening riff with the ringing notes.

For an emo-esque song its really not bad. Your voice isn't the best, but just keep singing and I'm sure it will get better. Just consciously work on noticing when you're out of tune.

The middle section is quite an interesting break and changes up nicely from the strumming pattern, although it fells a little clunky going back into the strum.

Moshi moshi:
Firstly I almost always like songs where it's solo electric clean guitar. This was kind of like a dooh-wop song, just faster. The vocals are a lot better on this, too, especially the backing vocals, which are quite forceful in a good way.

Mind listening to my band's stuff?
Well thanks a lot. I appreciate the time you took to listen to them. Unfortunately though, moshi moshi isn't my song. That's a cover of a Brand New song off the split they did with Safety in Numbers. I gave them credit in the lyrics section.

Other than that, thanks again, and I will, of course, listen to yours.