Wow. That's seriously amazing. Actually, all the songs on your myspace are amazing. Keep it up.

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i liked it a lot. lyrics were quite good. only complaint on that is the word "humble" sounds a little tacked on near the end of the song. guitar line is nice, simple but good. i could see that guitar line getting a bit repetitive, but the song is short enough to avoid that pitfall. your voice is pretty pleasent. kinda reminds me of john mayer. good job, keep recording!

if you wanted to thank me, you could give a crit on my bands new video

nice hammer/pull bit. A little repetitive after one time, but I notice you did vary it. The vocals are very good. Good jazzy progression in the chorus. I agree with thesrvivngmmbrs that its shortness works, although I don't like the way you ended it. Seemed a little too jerky for the rest of the song.

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Thank you for your comments and criticism. I had a longer version of this song but I realized, as you guys said, that it was a bit too repetitive, so I shortened it. When I shortened it, I wasn't sure how to end it. Any suggestions? I just kinda hit the root chord to finish it off, but it sounds incomplete.
Nice, I'm new here and have listened to a few recordings and this is one of the better songs that I've heard. The vocals were especially good but nothing really stuck in my head after the song.

I am quite fond of The Sun and the chorus of Fall Down, good stuff yo.
...wow just wow thats VERY professinal very good man. One thing your guitar sounds a bit damp no brightness but other than thought AWESOME. Also I did hear a couple of messed up chords around 1:10 to 1:30ish. Also I think this could be a very cool electric song. I can kinda hear it in my head


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Bostonrock, I appreciate the critique. Do you have any tips for making my guitar sound brighter? I've herd recordings of acoustic guitar that sounded really bright and full, and I cant seem to pull it off. I record it through an SM57 then do basic EQing which just consists of increasing the highs and lows while leaving the mid flat, but that doesn't seem to be cutting it.