i love the sound of a floyd rose, theres nothing like going to town on one of those.. but it always puts the guitar out of tune. Its even worse with a normal trem system, so I have come up with a solution

wire a digitech whammy pedal to a bar in place of a traditional whammy bar, and hide the electronics inside the guitar, and just have an additional knob or 2 to control its volume/ range/ octave settings etc

anyone else think its a good idea?

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lol that would be neat. But some people like it even more on the ground, as it frees up the right hand. That idea is great and should be tried.

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nice idea but it would be 1) expensive and 2) kinda bulky and complicated. if you have the money and patience i would go for it. it would basically be the same as the rocking motion of the pedal so it might work. would you make it look like a real trem or more like the whammy bar on a guitar hero controller?
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I think it would just be easier to keep on the ground and use it that way, and only use the floyd for the occaisonal whammy trick or emergency dive bomb. And if a Floyd is going out of tune, you locking nuts arent closed tight enough or its not set up right.
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