Hey all, I have come across a problem with hooking my Shure SM58(soon to be replaced with a SM57) to my computer. I have finally gotten it to work through control panel, and it says that the mic is recognized and connected, but, when I try to mic anything (amp, voice, anything) it doesn't work which has been aggravating me for the last little while, I'm using a patch-chord from the mic to a 1/4 in output jack and a converter so it fits into my 1/8 inch mic input. I use Sonar Producer edition, and it works well, it recognizes the mic and everything as well, but does not catch anything of a signal from it. Anybody have any advice at what I should try so that it catches a signal?
Thanks in advance.
Do you have the track armed to record...? Do you have your levels up...?

But I say if you really want to use Sonar, get an interface like the m-audio Fast Track. It will make a huge difference in your audio quality and your preamp will be much better which is important with the SM57 mic.
Okay, thanks guys, I did have the track on record and the levels were up, but I still wasn't getting anything of a signal from the mic, so I'll go get an interface ASAP. Thanks again.