So I was just explaining to my friend how yesterday was a crappy day after dinner, but before, me and my friend Matt were celebrating our Tourettes day. That's where we just let it all out, cursing and randomly punching eachother and all that ****. He doesn't have Tourettes, but I do, so it's a fun excuse for him to go ape**** for like 4 hours. Heh, well anyways, the girl I was telling about this was saying, "You know, that's funny. I just watched a show about Tourettes last night." Then she goes, "You weren't making fun of it, were you?" And I told her no, I have tourettes, and she just flat out tells me that I don't have it. She actually started giving REASONS why I don't have it, and that pissed me the **** off. I mean, she's like my best friend, so I didn't say anything but... Also, last year, a teacher gave me a detention for making faces, and announced in front of the entire class how she thinks I'm faking Tourettes.

It's really... I don't know, depressing, enraging, for things like this to happen. Anyone else have similar stories with other diseases/disabilities etc?

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i have severe asthma, worst my doctors ever seen, and have been called lazy for a few years now, pisses me off real good
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Clearly you don't have tourettes.
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i have severe asthma, worst my doctors ever seen, and have been called lazy for a few years now, pisses me off real good

Yea, same here too. Sports coaches make me run extra because I end up stopping 3/4 through the mile... =[

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if this girl is your best friend, shouldn't she know you have tourette's?

It only gets really bad when I'm tired or stressed, I guess she hasn't seem me on too many bad days to notice.

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If you REALLY have Tourettes, get a doctors note or your parents presence to let the administration know. This way, you wont get in trouble for outbursts.
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Oh, I thought you meant you met someone who didnt believe Tourettes existed at all. Haha, wow that sucks though. Get a doctors note and give it to your teacher and your friend, just to prove that your not lying.
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Man, take that **** to court.

My friends and family suggested I sue her... I just didn't think it to be practical.

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thats messed up.

people are stupid. why is it so hard to believe that someone has tourettes? if someone told me they had it, i would believe it.
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Have you been diagnosed by a doctor?

Yea, got a second opinion too. Could fade away by the time I'm 18, though, apparently.

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because they're is lot's of people who would fake it.. there was a whole episode of south park about it then Cartman actually developed it.
I have Cystic fibrosis(Wiki it, the page is accurate the last I checked, I'd be rambling if I explained it here.)

anyway, I tell people I can't do a whole lot of rigorous activity for long periods of time(such as a full-court basketball game) because it will wear me out to the point of not being able to breathe. They call bull****, so of course, I go ahead and orive my point, but that's only when I have my inhaler, because between possessions, I can take a puff.

I've caught so much junk about it since I started school, but I never let it bother me.

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If people don't believe you, let them think what they want...you know the truth (whether or not you actually have it or whatever) so don't let it get to you.

Answering the last bit, I medically died (the hospital think) for no apparent reason at the end of last May. I just dropped to the floor in the living room in some kind of blackout, had a brief seizure then stopped breathing completely and they think my heart stopped briefly. Then a few minutes later I came round, after my mom witnessed me go completely white and my lips turn blue (no oxygenated blood running through them) and called an ambulance in hysterics.

By the time the ambulance arrived apparently I was already breathing again and semi-conscious...as in they sat me on a chair and tried to get a sensible response from me, but I didn't consciously wake up until I was in the ambulance and the canular drip was put into my wrist.

To cut a long story short, I had xrays to check nothing was damaged, and was injected with (weakly) radioactive dye for a CAT scan to try and find out why it happened...they still don't know what happened and why, other than at one point I was fitting, another point I was sorta dead, and then I was alive but semi-conscious.

Whether it's related or just through lack of sleep but twice in the last few months I've had attacks of what's called sleep paralysis.