Do you know of anything weird that they do to guitars or other stringed instruments?

For example, these are some less common things that weirdos invented (and are pretty cool):

-The Bazantar is a double bass (upright) with a ton of sympathetic strings. Youtube it, it sounds awesome. It sounds like sheer power.

-Then I've heard of people putting sympathetic strings down the inside of guitar necks. They hollow the neck out, reinforce it, and then stick a bunch of sympathetic strings down the inside.

-Then there's John Paul Jones's 3 neck acoustic guitar thing with one of the necks being a mandolin.

-Or how about the infinite sustainer project going on at project guitar forum, that's pretty cool stuff. I tried to build one, but that was early on and my EE skills were sub par.

-And let's not forget all the cool digital stuff coming out if you have midi pickups. (VG Strat anyone?)
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