I suggest drop any vocal echo and replace with about 1.5-3 seconds of reverb, also instrument levels. Sounds damn good otherwise- just needs that extra layer of polish.
Death Becomes her:
Consider tweaking the snare, vocals are a little quiet, as is bass. The bass can probably be raised if you take some of the sub-bass out. Drums a little repetitive.

Mentor Tormentor:
Drums quiet. Good balance between the vocals and harmonies. Bass sounds a little indistinct, and noticed a few bits that sounded like mistakes.

Nice imaging in the intro. Song overall good mix, but vocals quirt again. Synth part very nice moving around from left to right.

I was expecting something completely different to what you have up here, actually. Pleasantly surprised.

Care to listen to mine?
hey, nos, you got to knock it off and read the rules. no bumping! unless someone asked something, thank them back by criting there music or send a pm. when you bump so shamelessly it messes guys like us over who are doing things honest.

to stay on topic, i didnt really like it much. drums are to canned and the vocals are (no offense) probably some of the nastiest ive heard in a while. to each his own though. nothing really wrong with the guitar, other then the notes dont really have a lot of definition. seems like there getting muddied up by the fuzzy guitar.
will try to do so in the future, Yeah, these are first round, unmastered versions of the song, now, nowing this what do you think? NO PLACE TO GO is only one fully masted