I'm taking guitar in college right now and my teacher showed us how to do harmonics. He said light put your finger down and apply slight pressure to the string, not completly down to the fret but close to it. I tried it but it won't work. I'm using an acoustic and so was he but he got the sound. Does anyone have any tips?
dont put any force on the string, just touch it sooo lightly, it should work.
above the fret of course
by the fret, he means the actual fret wire, not the space between. i used to try it that way, never got anything out of it. also, it only works on certain frets. 5, 7, and 12 are sure bets, i can't think of others off the top of my head. so do what theshroomman said, and keep this in mind.
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Do it above the 12th fret and 7th fret
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could be the guitar, ive played a few with that problem. also make sure you doing it on 12, 7, or 5 fret, thats where i find them best on acoustics. you could also do the 15, 17, or where the 24 or 36 fret would be, but they are hella hard to find.
yeah sometimes harmonics dont work if your intonation is screwed up. but why are you only up to harmonics if your at a college?
It's just a simple guitar 1 class...Some people haven't even picked up a guitar in my class before.