Okay well soon enough I'll have enough money to afford a delay pedal. Some of the digitech loop effects sounded awesome. I loved the tape delay. Very Mercury Program. But I've heard boss also offers a good delay pedal. and I've been told boss is better than digitech, but I figured I'd ask you guys because you are also musicians. Any opinions?
Boss DD3 or DD6 are better then the any of the digitech delays. I'm usually not a big fan of boss but as far as delays goes they are pretty good. You might want to also check out line 6, either the echopark or the dl-4.
Boss > all
digitech = crap
silly question
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Boss > all
digitech = crap
silly question

Bull**** boss is better than all.
And digitech is not crap all the time.

In this case though, I'd love a dd-3,5 or 6 right now.

How much money do you have TS?
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Boss > all
digitech = crap
silly question

generally speaking neither of them are the best pedals, but each has its strong point
for a digital delay around $100, i think i would pick up the digitech digidelay instead of the dd-3. now, i havent really spent a ton of time with either of them, but the tap tempo of the digidelay makes me think i would go with that one. now, if i could save up a few more bucks i wouldnt go with either of those brands. so if you have a budget, post it (as well as your style) and we can really help you better.
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Boss > all
digitech = crap
silly question

boss delay is okay. but the bypass is a piece of ****.

i actually have a delay of the boss delay.
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Digidelay has reverse delay, tap tempo, multiple short loops playing over each other, modulated and tape-echo simulation repeats, while the Boss DD-3 just has normal delay and a short hold feature... both are the same price..
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Everything Boss except the DD3 series is crap in my opinion. But the DD3 or DD6 is very good, I haven't tried the Digitech delays though.

The Line6 Echo Park is quite good, although its REALLY digital, so unless you want that kind of sound, I'd go against it.

One other thing you might like is the Rocktron Cyber Delay. They're hard to find, but really good.
DD6 is pretty good, not great. Has some "backwards" sounding settings, can play back short loops and has a tap tempo. I like it better than the Digi delays.

SOME Digi pedals might sound a little better, but Boss is made so much sturdier and are made to last pretty much forever. The Digi might break if you drop it a few times, or down some stairs. With Boss pedals, you can get a get a sack of them and play dodgeball with them and they'll still work forever
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well i've got 70$ right now, and this coming wednesday i'll have about another 150$. so I mean, I'm not going to break the bank for a pedal. I'll check out the boss pedal first, but I'm not in any rush. thanks for the replies.