Ok, I know guitar strings for five bucks will last you 1-2 months but bass are much thicker so how long do they last and for what price usually?
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I agree why buy crappy ones. Cheap though run like 10 bucks and last until you brake them, but tone wise like 3-6 months for my taste.
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just buy good strings theyre worth the investment. you wouldnt buy a new lamborghini and put good year tires on it would you? *retorical question*
String life is not related to how much they cost, Fender strings cost more than Ernie Ball and D'addario strings, and last half as long.
Actually Ernie Balls die relatively fast. As do Fenders. A good rule of thumb is indeed cost for gauging the life. The longest lasting string I've ever tried were the DRs, but we'll see how long these Rotosounds are alive and kicking for.

To answer the question, cheap strings usually die within 2-3 weeks. They don't break but their sound is really dull.
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The cheapest "real" string I've played is D'addarios.

I get Rotos for $20 US, and they seem to be lasting a good time.

TS, just get some good strings and make sure to wash your hands before you play. Wiping down your fretboard and strings with a lint-free cloth when you're done is also good to do.

IndianRockStar, I had horrible luck with the one set of D'addario strings I tried. The set lasted about 8 days and died. I mean DIED. The tone wasn't even so great when they were bright. I paid about $23.50 plus tax for my Rotos, and they're still going about 3 months into their life. They've settled into a nice 'growl' focusing on the low mids; great for metal, which is what I do
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i have kept strings on for over a year before. i hatehatehate the sound of alot of new strings
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I agree why buy crappy ones. Cheap though run like 10 bucks and last until you brake them, but tone wise like 3-6 months for my taste.

Lulz... I just imagined TS stomping on his strings :P

Go with good strings.
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String life depends on how much you play and how good you take care of your strings. Washing your hands before you play and the use of a lint free cloth after you play will extend your string life. And keep your bass looking nice as well.

I play daily (1 - 3 hours) and a set of Roto 66s are now averaging about 10 weeks for me before they sound completely dead.