So i love absolutly everything about les pauls, look, feel, sound etc. But i go to my lesson, and i have to take the bus because of a snowstorm, theres no way in hell im going to lug around my lp on the bus for an hour and a half, so i take my piece of crap yamaha knockoff strat. I start jamming with my teacher, and i play WAYY better than i ever have before, with cold hands. I go home, play my lp and its not just a one time thing, i start noticing i play alot worse on it, which really really depresses me. So im looking for a new guitar, somewhere between an lp and strat, im thinking a prs se custom, am i guessing right lol? my budget is around 1000$ Canadian, i play a lot of blues and hard rock, thanks for your opinions!
hmmm wierd. very wierd. um ya you could look at that but i recomend going for a used guitar, just check it out and you can get a better guitar for a cheaper price
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maybe also check out some mexican fat strats - they can get pretty fat sounding
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Quote by High_o
maybe also check out some mexican fat strats - they can get pretty fat sounding

les paul dcs are really ugly to me, but yea i was thinking about a fat strat, probably not mexican but good idea, i like the brightness of strats but i really like the sound of mohogany guitars, kind of an oxymoron/contradiction lol
what about esp ltd ec 1000 with duncans? i heard they are a lighter version of an lp with a easier to play neck, anyone have one/played one?
Quote by Nephalimrising
maybe a schecter c-1 or somehting

yea? i was thinkin about the c1 plus as well
well what is it that makes your LP feel worse/play worse for you? is it the scale length, neck size, neck profile, fact that its angled instead of flat, weight, other? if you can pinpoint what it is that makes your strat copy feel better to you then you can be better off finding the right guitar for you. i mean i love my prs se, and i love my strat, but the prs is much closer to a LP imo than it is to a strat. its probably because they use the same scale as gibson on most of their stuff (i think). so figure out what it is that makes a guitar easier/harder to play for you, then look at stuff like that.

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u know what i dont know what it is i just play better on a strat i guess, but oh well, i just got the new guitar world and saw a review for an epiphone les paul ultra 2, and it looks sooo sick, chambered, all mohogany, and nanomag peizo style pickups..