I have had this new Ibanez RG for maybe a week, and decide to do a little lube/cleanup job on the floating trem system. I was examining the knife edge (Edge III trem), and noticed that the silver coating (not sure what it is, exactly) had chipped off quite a bit on both edges where they contact the trem posts, and i was able to peel small chips off with relative ease. how common is this? it has me worried :/

I also examined the trem posts themselves, and they have a fairly deep groove in the bottom of the "V". here is an approximation done in paint:

are they supposed to be like that? both trem posts look pretty much the same, and it looks fairly uniform, like it was machined that way. should i just lube it up and put it back together, or buy new trem posts?
honestly. nothing against edge III trems but they arent great trems.
i'd just replace the entire trem with an original edge trem.
That's normal, its not really powder coated or anything so dont be expecting too much. The knife edges may gradually eat up the trem posts but it'll stop at a certain point. So just use it like normal and if it goes out of tune, retune it back again.
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That just confirms the Edge 3 is a porly made trem. Badly plated stainless steel. If you have really only had it fo a week id take it straight back personally as just think how it will degrade over the next year or 2. Not a good sign at all.
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^ agreed. if it's happened this early, use that as an excuse to get your money back.

unfortunately i didn't have enough wit to get my money back for my lo-trs (forerunner of the edge III), and it was longer than a week too.
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