when i was putting on a pack of brand new ddario strings
i started stringing from highest to lowest..

and i adjust the inotation as i strang each string.

when i got to the G string i check the inotation of the previous strings(e and b) and it was good, just the way i left them)

when i got to the A string i check the inotation of the previous strings(e,b,g,d) and they where all slighty too sharp.
and when i strang the last string, the inotation of all the other strings was off..

then i set the inotation of all strings again.. and the g string was too sharp,
and i cant move the saddle and further.. its not stuck or anything.. it just doesnt go any further

so now the inotation of my g string is to sharp.. help???
I assume this is for your G-400? If so, check which direction the saddle is facing. You might be able to flip the g string saddle around the other way and add an extra 1/8 inch to play with.

otherwise, you may have to choose a different gauge of string to try and alleviate the problem...
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