this might get long so get some popcorn site down and read it. k so i have bad luck every time i restring a bass something goes wrong at first it was just some noob things but i'm still haveing problems and i''ve restrung10 times, and still i do something wrong i warp the neck, raise the action idk how i pull that one off or i just generaly brake things. so now i restrung my 4 string string-ray fret-less with half round strings. i previously had ernie ball round wound light gauge slinkys on it and they was starting to cut through the wood on the fret board so i freaked out and got these also my instructer told me i should so i did. i got medium gauge .050 .070 .085 .105 d'addario half wounds now when i was re stringing it i remembered my terrible luck and was extra careful. now here comes the question i start playing and it seems like i have to push down harder, like there is a bigger gap between the neck and the strings they don't buzz terribly so i didn't warp the neck in to a U. but am i just being paranoid or is it the fact that i played on light gauge for 2 months now and i just switched to medium. so, ask for more info if u want but pretty much i'm asking did i realy **** up my bass again
A bigger gap between the strings and the fretboard would tend to make me think that you have raised the action. Also, a bass neck can warp over time due to poor design, humid climate, or improper storage but I cannot think of anything that you could do while restringing your bass that would cause the neck to warp (unless of course, you are making major adjustments to the truss rod). Your explanation is not very clear but it justs sounds to me as if you somehow greatly changed the action during the restringing process, however, just in case you did somehow manage to **** the thing up, I would advise you to have it looked at by a professional or at least set up by someone who has a good understanding of the process.
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