i need a tattoo design.

i want a top hat, (stylistic of the mad hatters from alice in wonderland)

i want it to include the tag with "10/6" on it. (google mad hatter to see what im talking about)

i want it too be all black. but shaded. as in, i dont wanna have to pay for colours in my tatoo, but shading is a must. greyscale and ****.

i want it about two inches by two inches, (it will be going above my left ankle)

i am willing to pay someone a litlle bit of money. if their design is great.

message me, yeh?

thanks heaps.

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Search for Artefact.
theyre in penrith and goulbourn, they do some preety awesome stuff. if u get the chance, talk to kiwi kim at the penrith studio.
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The only person that I've seen drawings from is Esther Mouse...and they were damn good.