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I was thinking about this the other night as I lay away trying to sleep,

lets say your bedroom is on the second floor of your home, you wake up in the middle of the night to find your house is burning down,

What 4 items do you take, in your 1 trip out of your house? and you have to be able to carry all them in 1 trip, and assume your insurance would not cover any losses

1. Dark Side on Vinyl (present)
2. photo of my friends
3. effects pedals
4. my amp (everything else would be put in the back so I could escape)

yea... I have a squier guitar so I wouldnt miss it

what about you guys?
Nothing. I'd just get the f*ck out.
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Good for you. Have a cookie.

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i would grab a wallet, piggy bank, stash, and maybe a fresh pair of boxers if i **** my pants already
I'd go for my guitar, my gear bag, my cd's and my cd player
They say good things come in small packages. You know what else comes in small packages? Unrelenting pain and horror.
I Dunno....

My laptop
My Ibanez
My poker chips and cards
My Wallet and phone

I know its 6 things but my wallet and phone go in my pocket, my chips and cards are in a case and go nder my arm. Laptop in one and and guitar in the other and im ready to run for it i think
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my guitar, my dog (best friend), crybaby, my flashdrive with all my school crap on it. thats about it i think. my amp isn't great, and insanely heavy, so i'd leave it.
My laptop, my external harddrive, my guitar, and phone and wallet.

Same logic as Chadicus--phone and wallet fit in my pocket.
My dorm: meh, I don't know. Probably my guitar and then whatever else seemed appealing at the time.

My room at my parents house: My small woodcut of Christ, Byzantine coin, Bob Marley Les Paul and I know I'm forgetting something so whatever it is.
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I would probably take my box full of concert memorabilia from every concert I have ever been to, my guitar, my MP3 Player, and maybe my highschool senior year book. But my current room puts me in the position where am most likely ****ed unless I jump out the window. I would rather risk having a couple broken bones than burn to death.
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Nothing, I have a fire extinguisher in my room. I'd man up and deal with it.
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Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.
Id just leave personaly... Pretty much everything in my room can be replaced by insurance, my life cannot.
i would probably take

1. my SG
2. my Ipod
3. cell phone
4.and my money

but seriously,if my house was on fiya
i would just get the hell out
i'd take

1) my wallet
2) my cat
3) acoustic guitar
4) fresh pair of clothes
my wife, my 2 cats, and myself.

everythign i could always get again
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1 Crap Marshall Mg amp
2 Useless Squire
3 My Nintendo Wii
4 My Dvd Lessons
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1) Wallet and phone (fits into pocket)
2) My external hard disk
3) Guitar
4) Digicam

I've got a ****ty yeah, I wouldn't miss it too.
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Id just leave personaly... Pretty much everything in my room can be replaced by insurance, my life cannot.

*ahem* Life insurance?
Damn man, I've run the same scenario through my head quite a few times. I'd grab my dog(also my best friend), my Acoustic, my wallet, and bail like the police were comin.
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Hell, I dunno. As many guitars as I could carry? At the very least, my '79 Global. And I'd chuck my laptop in my man purse, and take that too.
back up hard drive (its like easy to carry)
helraiser which will be i nthe guitar case
spare pair of clothes (don't want to look liek a retard naked on the street)

Edit: fcuk mobile

ill take my dog my mum can take hers
I'd nab my pc cos it's got all my code.. then I'd have to leg it downstairs and get my dogs ashes, lol. And my phone would be in my pocket by that point.

Sorted, la. Nothing else is particularly important.
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Laptop stuck out the back of my amp, along with mah pedals. Wallet, 30GB Jukebox/MP3 player. And my first guitar. **** my better one, I can always replace that with an even better one. But my first guitar has sentimental values. Oh. And my PSP. And Megadeth tickets. =P

Maybe my bed.

Damn it. I'd have to get all my books. Maybe I could fit them under the bed. But yeah. That'd be it. Just my amp, pedals, guitar, wallet mp3 player, psp, tickets, books and bed.
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You take nothing. You just get the hell out.

Isn't that essentially the first thing they tell kids about fire safety in school?
let's see...

1. My guitar
2. My camera
3. My keys (i only have 1 set of my car keys )
4. My phone (client phone numbers > wallet)

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1) My bed
2)My closet fulled with my clothes
3) my floor
4) my new wooden ceiling

let it burn now, I don't care


Quote by suthy16
You take nothing. You just get the hell out.

Isn't that essentially the first thing they tell kids about fire safety in school?

nah dude, they just say stop drop and roll which would get you killed in a burning house
My desktop
My phone
My iPod
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My guitar, laptop, wallet, and hardrive.
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1: My Ibanez
2: My Carvin
3: my box full O money
4: The letter my girlfriend wrote me
(I'd stick my girlfriends hoody on, even though it'd be so tight, so that doesn't count as something I'd take).
I'd wake my brother up and get him to help me carry stuff out I'd kill two birds with one stone, I know he's safe and he can be used as a pack mule!

Me though I'd grab

-Wallet, phone and pocket knife
-My Ventura acoustic and my Peavey electric
-My arrowhead collection
-My Fire Department radio so I could call the rest of the department to my house
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Dunno... violin, laptop.
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A fire extinguisher, a bucket (with water), A Hose, and a phone
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