I had Guitar For Dummies when I was just starting out. It helped quite a bit, but you can get the information that's in it for free on the Internet.
Guitar for Dummies good if you're just starting out, loads of info, & yeah you can download most of the info, but finding it & printing it'd be a nitemare!!
I would recommend looking at the Hal Leonard Guitar Method series. Great books and great starting point.
I just finished one of Hal leanords instructional dvd's (you can download from torrent sites) and I'm currently working on Rock Guiotar For Dummies. Both seem good in their own ways, I would start off with Hal Leanord's DVD first (can't remember the title) and rthen try Rock Guitar for Dummies, it seems to be good so far, includes a nice cd.
i got one
what level are you on? if yr a complete beginner then get it. but there loads out there better.
i'm still a beginner, been teaching myself for about 3 1/2 months
I would recommend the Hal Leonard series AND the For Dummies book with the idea of working through them at the same time. The Dummies book will get you playing things faster and is a good introduction to advanced technique and styles. The Leonard series are geared to a more classical approach including reading musical notation. Together, they make a solid foundation for learning the guitar.
Yea I've bought Playing guitar for dummies :P It's an okay book if you want to be able to play chords, but like everyone above said you can get it for free on the internet. Thought it's a very useful book, because it explains you very detailed all the techniques (like hammer-on, pull-off...)