I really need your help
This homework is due tomorrow.
I haven't read the book, even though I was supposed to over the holidays
Now... don't go ahead and say that i should have read it, I only found out when I got back to school that I was supposed to have read it
I just started at a new school and I didn't have my school e-mail account, so I couldn't get the homework by e-mail
And I missed the Orientation Day last year because I had exams that day
Orientation Day was when we were told to read the book

I have homework on the book
I have read chapter one, but that is all that is really need to be read so far to do this homework

here is that I was given:
"The purpose of this task is to explore the idea of hidden voices in "Looking For Alibrandi", Josie's voice is dominant. Write Sister Gregory's thoughts on Josie on Monday morning religion class.
-a conversation with another teacher in the staff room
-interior monologue (I chose this one)

Capture Sister Gregory's personality

250 words"

I have about 100 words already, and I am really stumped

any help would be appreciated, I just need ideas on what Sister Gregory might think of Josie or what she thought of the encounter with Josie that morning

I hope all of that made sense
Gooby Pls.
shes a skank? wild and unruly? hot streak? doesn't belong coz shes greek and not really rich?

I dunno man watch the movie
i did an assignment on it a few years ago when i was in school, can't really remember the book except she falls in love with some dude and she has a crazy mother. just check summary's for it on the internet