I've been playing guitar for a year now, got an awesome lineup (fender 50th ann. Am. strat into a Orange tiny terror and cab) and have friends confident in my guitar ability.

But I'm feeling cold feet and have an urge to switch to bass. It feels like i can be more happier with my playing if i switch. I'd have more fun grooving.

The problem here is that I'm scared that my parents will get really angry (rightly) at me for throwing away all the money they've put into my playing. They would get disappointed and i'd get a lecture about how i never commit (i do commit, but that's another story). They'd complain that i'd have to sell all my gear and stuff.

I have no idea what to do and how to act. Please?
Play bass. eventually youre parents will stop lecturing and you'll be happy with ur bass at hand.
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Just have an excuse: I want to be an allround player for a band, it`s a good step forward..:P
It`s sad but true.
Yeah, you can still learn guitar while practicing bass here and there. You'd have more options as a multi-instrumentalist, and I assume it would aid you in the long run. Wait till you save a bit more cash, then get a beginner bass + amp? You have an amazing guitar rig, which I'm jealous of, so I'd stick to that.
I think stick to guitar. I had an urge much earlier on to switch to bass, luckily that was before I got good guitar gear (same as you actually haha) but I also switch back to guitar because to be honest, being a good bass player is harder than you think, plus I'm not really into funk that much. I think try and stick to it and if it and save up so that if your urge gets worse and worse, get some cheaper bass gear while keeping the guitar stuff and play bass as well as guitar.

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