OK Im just wondering how many bands where huge in their own country but never really cought on anywhere else, and also any bands that couldn't make it in their home country, cause I cant think of many!
though "Sick Puppies" havent really cought on in OZ but from what I hear they are pretty big in the US
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Portuguese metal bands! It said so in Terrorizer.
Matthew Good.. so talented and yet he's never really achieved major success anywhere outside of Canada.

edit: to the guy below me.
i adore triple J. what a freaking sweet radio station haha
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uhh in aus i reccon butterfingers, didnt really catch on elsewhere. they became known here by way of triple J.
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hate butterfingers

faker is going on strong, sick puppies suck

The living end deserve to be bigger
The Living End ftw.

But they need to go back to their older styles, this new stuff has a severe lack of lead guitar.
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The Living End ftw.

But they need to go back to their older styles, this new stuff has a severe lack of lead guitar.


Amen to you Mr Montana

youre like the first person ive seen on here that even knows about the living end

Im really diggin their older stuff atm, roll on, prisoner of society, monday. can't go wrong (Y)
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some people here have living end cd's?

well living end has my cd.

when they came to coffs, my band went in and saw them (dad was doing the pa for their support) and we all got to meet chris andy and scott and give them our cd.

weather they listened to it or not is a different matter.
As some have said above..........The Living End, **** Chris can shred his guitar (hopefuly next album will be more like it)
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[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']It's weird that some of the most white trashiest metal bands from Finland eg. Korpiklaani are quite well known abroad.
That's because Korpiklaani are awesome.
The Libertines. I've only encountered two people outside my immediate group of friends who listen to them. Pete Doherty is known here more for being Kate Moss's boyfriend than a musician.
Listen to mah discs.


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COG should be bigger in australian and the rest of the world. insane band.

but yeah also living end, im not there biggest fan but i know a great rock band when i hear one. they really should be known well world wide.

also, aussies have taken over this thread

"hi five"