How do you know google dont own it?

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Absent Mind, words cant express how much i love you. Id bone you, oh yea.

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Absent Mind is, as usual, completely correct.

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Id like to make my love for Neil public knowledge as he is a beautiful man
Aah yes, another pointless use of the internet, making my statistics lesson that much less boring
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i know this sounds stupid but...
wheres the sig button??


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How do you know google dont own it?

If I were Google, I'd have bought the domain. Knowing that people would type "google" poorly...wow, now I must try more renditions of google, misspelled.

Edit: Nothing yet...but Gogle.com links straight to the origional Google.
Don't type goggle.com, apparently the website gives you loads of viruses if you let the timer get to a certain point.
hahaha i just tried goog.com i like it too
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Every time the Jonas Brothers play, an innocent in Darfur is killed.

lol diversity in UGers:

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I am not 12, but my sack is still hairless.

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my balls are hairy as chewbacca's...
go to google.com and type ELGOOG and click on Im feeling lucky button

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...I mean if indians stood naked in front of me, i couldn't tell if they're hispanic or native american. unless they put on clothes

At first he was like...
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I love you, man. No homo

But then, he was like...
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I love you even more now. Slightly homo
what's the point of goog.com lol...it probably is actually owned by google tbh...and elgoog is funny
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yeah fire him secretly... thats what im doing except im firing myself and secretly joining someone elses band

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If you get a virus by looking at porn, is it considered a sexually-transmitted disease?

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thanks for the compliment man!