I just don't know what to do! I've been looking for a new guitar for a while, and I've decided that I definitely want a schecter... I play mostly melodic death/shred/metal of all sorts

The C-1 Classic is just amazing.. but no FR. The pups are great, so is the hardware and it's just great. lol.

The Hellraiser has an FR, though, and I play quite a bit of COB/Steve Vai etc... but I'm not sure about it..

Atm I've stretched max to £499.. and both those guitars are the same price... I can't really afford more..

Also, is the 2008 Hellraiser FR (supposedly being shipped sometime soon) any different?

Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.. if you can help me decide..
^I believe the 2008 Hellraiser is meant to have coil tap in the bridge pickup (or both?) so that may sway your decision a bit.
I've been struggling with this very question. I've got two higher end guitars but Schecters really move me for some reason. The two guitars you mention each have their strong points. I suppose it comes down to what you want to do with that guitar? If you are a metal player and love tons of gain and distortion then as far as I can tell those active pickups are a must have. The Floyd lives in that land as well. That says Hellraiser to me.

If you are looking for a versatile instrument with a more classic sounds (hence the name I suppose) then is sounds like the C-1 Classic might be the way to go. I do understand your indecision. Owning one guitar is a difficult thing to do. I own too many, but really only play two of the guitars regularly - one electric and my Martin Accoustic. The electric is............A Les Paul Standard.

But that said, none of my guitars has a coil tap or active pickups. Also, none have a thru neck. I love the look of those two Schecters.
i say hellraiser FR b.c im gasing for a FR rite now. but if u like the classic go for it. For metal and only metal get the HR
I like the C-1.... But then again I'm not one that uses my Floyd Rose as much as some do...., and I usually replace my pickups, soooo............ I'm not sure this post was even worth posting! HA
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i guess it all boils down to whether or not you want the floyd. and imo the duncans on the classic are much better than the emgs on the hellraiser
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hellraiser FR then switch out one of the pups to a emg 60, or you could leave them due to the coil splitting
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Basically, do you want a Floyd Rose is going to be the most major issue between the two. If you do, get the Hellraiser. If not, I would get the Classic, since the Tune-O-Matic on that is going to require less maintenance and be less of an annoyance overall and give you better sustain. Once you get used to it, the cons to Floyd Roses and similar tremolos aren't that bad, but it still will be more of a hassle than a fixed bridge.

The pick-ups are different, but overall your amp is going to be more important and if push comes to shove, it is easier and cheaper to change the pick-ups than to change the bridge.
If you're playing mostly metal, and you really need a Floyd Rose, then definately get the Hellraiser. Oh, and the new Hellraisers have a different kind of EMGs and coil tapping.

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i would go for the c-1 black jack...nice pickups
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