Got major fret buzz on my RR3, how should I solve it?

It's mainly happening on the 8th fret on the low E string. All the other strings are fine.
However, I realized that 6th fret onwards all the way to 22nd fret has a bit of fret buzz, and it's annoying me a lot!

How do I solve it?
Pop off the emblem thing on the headstock / top of the neck / whatever.

The truss rod's inside there. Use an alan key to turn it... uh... can't remember which way. Try both. :p

It'll bend the neck away from the strings, and fix minor buzz. You're meant to do this every few months / half a year, since the tension of the strings is constantly pulling the neck away from the body.

If that doesn't work, try raising the bridge up, or cutting a new nut (the little plastic bit at the top of the neck).
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truss rod might need adjustment, or the action might need to be raised...

if the fretwork isn't great, you may have some high frets causing the buzz, in which case raising the action would get rid of the buzz,

but you probably just have a slight bow in the neck (possibly even just a bit too much relief), in which case a truss rod adjustment would straighten out the neck and get rid of the buzz...

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Quote by Dark Raven X

If that doesn't work, try raising the bridge up, or cutting a new nut (the little plastic bit at the top of the neck).

I've tried raising the bridge, it's still buzzing even at ridiculious heights.

I think it's neck bow, I just received the guitar and it was a bit bashed up in the box. How much do I turn it by? Not much yeah otherwise all hell will break loose?
Bump, need some clarification before I decide to tinker with this myself or take it to a shop!
If you want the neck to have more relief, you turn it counter clockwise. Only do a 1/4 to 1/2 turn at a time and give it some time to react.
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Be very careful when dealing with the truss-rod. Messing with it too much can seriously damage the neck.

If you've never done it before, my first suggestion would be to take it to a shop to have them service it.

Even what may seem to you as a little adjustment can make a big change to the neck.
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