hey i'm thinking about getting a shure SM57 - i hear they're great. Anyway i was just wondering how u plug them into the computer? Do they have some lead u just chuck in?
and also say my piano is downstairs my comp is upstairs. anyway i can record some piano and chuck it onto the computer?
You should take a good look at the stickies.

As for the piano, if there's no question of moving equipment, then you would have to purchase some kind of portable recorder which can export files to your computer via USB.
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Well, as for plugging it into your computer, i am guessing the mic has an XLR output and on the other end of that i would suggest looking for something with a 1/4" and then on that 1/4" get an 1/8" adapter. Then you would be able to plug directly into your mic input on your computer, or a line in, whatever works.

But to capture the noise you may need a recording program. I head Audacity is great, and free too. Or like fruity loops and pro tools are some other ones, but I think they cost a couple bucks. Once you have the mic connected to the computer and a program installed to capture sound, then you should be able to capture the sound from your piano by having a long enough cord to reach down there. Good Luck!

NOTE: In case you don't know, 1/4" are those big headphone looking jacks, like on guitars, and 1/8" is the regular sized one you would see on headphones. For example.
^This method will yield very poor sound quality though, wasting a good mic.
There is poetry in despair.
k thanks guys u were a great help it's just that wen i looked up the mic on ebay all u c is the headpiece like no chord or watever to plug into the comp.
a mixer wont help any either, he's going into a stock sound card.

The stickies are the threads marked "sticky" at the top of this page:

theres useful info in them as well as some videos I made.

Either get a USB interface for your laptop or if you only have a desktop and dont feel like moving it, get a portable recorder...some kind of MTR (multi track recorder) like the Boss MR-600.

you could run an adapter and run the mic direct to your mic port but the mic is only as good as the preamp boosting it's signal...
and with the SM57 you really need a fair mic preamp to run it.

The ART studio MP V3 which is going for around $70 is nice and after a tube change it can really get some fair sounds from what I've heard.

Read the stickies, you'll know what to do after going though them and if you don't, then ask questions here. We go soooo many threads here every day from members who could answer their own questions if they had just read some threads and did some searching. Some days it gets to be a little too much.......
yep if you have a Toneport then just plug the mic into the front port using that.
if its the GX toneport get an XLR to TS cable adapter:

bad idea. XLR is balanced, 1/4" mono is not. You would need an XLR to balanced 1/4" (same as a stereo, also called a TRS connector) otherwise you might as well not bother buying an SM57. But then just do a TRS to stereo 3.5mm (headphone plug) into your computer.