I'm in a worship team and in a month or so I'll be going away for a retreat, helping with worship music for the services.

The only problem is that normally I'd play with a full band, and here I'll be playing with only a guitarist, which I've never done before.

Any advice?
Ur not really needed there at all
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Ur not really needed there at all

Shut up and go away. I'd report you if I weren't in a good mood.

TS, just hope you get along with the guitarist, and can lock in with his style nicely enough. Play what comes into your head, jam along. I couldn't see any problems.
Considering you don't have a percussion section, YOU need to be super tight rhythmically to pin it together.

Slightly different, I often play as part of an acoustic duo (bass/vocals & guitar/vocals) and in that situation I find myself having to nail down a solid, fundamental rhythmic track even though there's all that space that feels like it should be filled. It really doesn't.

And of course, hope you lock into his style too.
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