Hi all. So i was wondering....I've been playing in this band for the last two and a half years and it started out well enough but as time goes on,certain things start to grate slightly.

1.The drummer talking to his friends on his mobile phone DURING a show(for example just before a song starts).

2.Drummer is way too loud. Affirmed by comments from audience members especially (and mainly,to be fair)at smaller places. Took 8 months of prodding to make him get a dampner ring for his snare drum.(Didnt make a whole lot of difference though)

3.Drummer does little practice at home (what little i gather is just "jamming"),refuses to play to a click claiming that it puts him off and consequently,his tempo wavers.

4.He's usually late for everything band related.

5.Listens to michael jackson on the way to gigs (although michael jackson is great for what he did, it is just not good for long journeys to gigs )also has a michael jackson mask,sparkly glove and smooth criminal hat cant hold that against him but come on.

6.Does not really seem to "like" music and appears to know nothing of musical jargon or theory is more interested in the being seen aspect of performance as opposed to playing really well,evidenced i suppose by the fact that he doesnt really practice at home preferring instead to learn the song "with the band" ie fudge through it at rehearsals.

7.Drummer does not seem to understand set tailoring and will usually assert that we perform every song in our main song arsenal so that we end up playing something like "hump de bump" by the chilli peppers to a pub half full of grannies and townie sorts who then proceed to stare at us(I have a slight suspicion that his enthusiasm for this song has something to do with there being a solo drum break in the middle of it)

8.Drummer once tore two large holes in my hoodie from playing hard after i quite foolishly let him use it as a snare cover at rehearsal. When i complained, he laughed and tried to make out like they had already been there.(Though it was eventually compensated for several months later but only cause i did a big favour for his mother)

9.The singer though a great singer with musical pedigree,work ethic and experience will often forget lyrics, repeat verses and that kind of thing and think that nobody notices although the band does.

10.The singer can play a little bit of guitar.Oh no. So often times he will chime in as backup guitarist on stage which can be a help as long as he plays very simply.But sometimes he is over elaborate and usually plays fairly clumsily if hes improvising something and this is not good and with my guitar playing it will just sound messy. He also seems to have little idea about tone or sound when it comes to the guitar prefering to just plug into his amp on clean and turn up to stage volume and hope for the best (once he had the chorus effect up all the way by mistake which i hastily pointed out.He laughed thinking it sounded good with all that wobbly chorus.I didnt agree but hey,maybe thats me)

11.The singer used to sing elvis songs and while ive NO problem with elvis presley,some habits that he picked up during that time dont exactly fit like he will adopt an elvis voice before and after anything 50's inspired for example which is a bit cheesey. Also wants to get onto the wedding circuit and while theres good money to be made at weddings and playing experience theres something about the thought of posing for cheesey promo photos and playing summer of 69 for the rest of my life that makes me not want to play at all.

12.The singer Will sometimes announce songs from the setlist in a random order or will skip certain ones that he feels will not go down well which is fair enough as long as it is agreed IN ADVANCE and not on the fly. This,in my experience,only leads to disruption in the show as the whole band has to whisper to each other what song we are doing next and also makes for increased nervousness.

13.Drummer especially during the earlier days would regularly miss cues to come in on time and subsequently we would play 1/3 the song with him tapping on the hi-hat cymbal looking annoyed with himself unsure of when to come in and would also end songs way too early,like just before another verse or guitar solo etc.

14.TOO LOUD.I know i mentioned this earlier but its such a big point that im mentioning it twice.If the drummer is too loud then the amps have to go up and the PA has to up.If the PA is too high feedback is likely and that is my most hated of all noises.

whew okay so yeh,like i was wondering.....i dont really know if that bands ever gonna go anywhere and if it does then maybe its not where i wanna be musically so maybe ill just leave it.what do you all think?even care?hehe.Maybe not but post stuff about your band that pisses you off in any case,its cathartic
The drummer sounds very arrogant, so I would kick him out. If you haven't had a little 'sit down' talk with the singer do that and politely ask him to leave the guitar parts to the guitarists. Also voice your annoyance with his on stage habits that you described. If he does not oblige or try to compromise then start looking elsewhere, if you have already asked and he hasn't stopped then you probably should be looking for a new singer than asking for advice ; and that's my two cents.
ur drummer is a cocksucker. kick him out. seriously. if hes causing that much ****, kick him out cuz he isnt worth the pain in the ass that ull get from him. same thing with the singer. if ur singer is bad, thats pretty much a basis for people judging that ur band is bad because sadly, people look most at the singer of every band.
I think we all agree that you have to get rid of your drummer. But if the singer is good, you surely will be able to convince him to stop playing guitar and concentrate on his goddamned job. I once sang and played guitar in my band (thank god we played no gigs! ), and it just didn't work! It's harder to sing and play as you/he might think. So go and talk to him ^^
Kick the drummer to the curb, plain and simple. He sounds like a bitchy, arrogant, inexperienced, clumsy shmo who is not as serious as he needs to be. Drummers who play too loud can be VERY annoying, I know, I've played with a few. So yes, kick him out, that should be a no brainer. As for the singer, if hes a great singer and is serious and all this as you say, just talk to him about the stuff you find irritating. Tell him to remember his fucking lyrics or else hes out. Flubbing a lyric every so often is alright, most of the time even comical (Bob Weir/Trey Anastasio anyone?) But then again, the Dead and Phish had 50 thousand different songs in their arsenal to remember lyrics to, I'm guessing you don't have that many, therefore he REALLY should be able to remember them, but a flub every now and then isn't the end of the world. If by the end of a month or so you are still unsatisfied with the singer, talk to the bassist about finding a new singer and drummer.
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Wow 8 replies hehe, UG's forum is pretty active. Anyway, i should just stress that the drummer can be an alright guy outside of the band and the singer is one of the nicest guys you could wish to meet......however what i wrote still stands. Just as a note im the only guitar player in the band which is why the singer may feel the need to chime in,but if he cant even play barre chords then he just isn't serious stage material guitar wise in my opinion. We could get another guitarist but the stages we play on are SO SMALL 70% of the time that its just ugh.I'm sure theres criticisms to be laid against me too but the worst ive heard are being too shy and not being into the idea of stage wear ie long leather coats or leather waistcoats suggested by singer and blue jeans and white t shirt suggested by the drummer (rock'n'roll) so yeh.

Oh i have another one i forgot.

15.Smoke breaks. After sound check the drummer and bassist always go out for a smoke which i don't mind in itself except that it always makes us start 10-15 minutes
late which leads to increased heckling from the impatient audience (if there is one).So frustrating.Its like the song says, "Everything's gotta stop for that one cigarette."GAH!:@
smoke breaks, yea those are some of the most annoying things on earth. cause first they go for a smoke, you go to get them, then one of them has left for a piss, then the other guy went for a quick drink, then the first guy comes back to the stage, you go get the guy who went for a drink, then someone is taking a piss...it's a never ending saga to get everyone on stage!

Overall, i'd kick the drummer out, sounds like he ins't a musician, he just wants to be part of aband. if you really like him, i'd give him a fair but firm warning that his attitude ect. will not be accepted from this point on.-also i'd start looking for a drummer asap.

as for the singer, sounds good enough, commited, and you seem to be friends. you have concerns over a few things, just bring them up. bring it out into the open or the problems will just grow.
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Just get out as soon as you can. If you stay with your lineup as it is now, you won't go far in the music world. With a drummer that doesn't really know how to play (IE missing cues), and a singer who forgets what lyrics come next, you need a new lineup deperately.
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Overall, i'd kick the drummer out, sounds like he ins't a musician, he just wants to be part of aband.

of course he doesnt seem like a musican hes not hes a drummer!

but yah kick the drummer out and give the singer another chance,tell the bassist that if its so imprortant to have his smoke do it faster or while hes not playing in the set to take a a lil puff.
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To P.B. you hit the nail right on the head with what you said,thats exactly what its like.You've basically described a typical gig night.The bassist couldn't smoke on stage as where i live (Ireland) most places including pubs dont allow smoking on the premises. It does seem to be true that drummers are a sometimes stubborn and hyperactive crowd but i guess that sort of personality goes with the territory of skin bashin.Just as long as it can be restrained it should be ok. As far as kicking the drummer out that wouldnt happen,he put the band together and you cant kick someone out of their own band,well you can but i dont see it happening here. We actually had another bass player before this one and he was a really cool guy (although the current one is a very cool guy too) but he left basically because of the drummer saying that the drummer "didnt really like music" and that he "had bad character". At that time it was just me, the bass player and the drummer playing down in the bass players caravan and in some ways those days were better cause id show up with my equipment and the bass player would be cooking dinner and would always have something good on the radio like tom waits or the clash or whatever and he was just a really nice mellow music loving guy and we'd have a laugh and show each other things that we'd come up with and just talk about music.Its not like that anymore with money in the mix ,music takes on a side that takes the enjoyment out of it grrr im still owed 25 from last week which ill never see.

Oh i've another one.

16. Monopolization of song choices. Singer and drummer pick 90% of the songs we do and phase out other suggestions through apathy towards the choice or the drummer cant really play it (IE hot for teacher and message in a bottle)although we did do message in a bottle but the drummer could only play a fairly straight bare beat as opposed to the skillful drumming of stewart copeland.I could even tell easily tell that he wasn't playing it right and im no drummer but he couldnt understand.
dont think of it as kicking him out think of it as all of you leaving the band then starting a new one with te same name but without him. DUH!
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Mr.Cuddles killed The Metal!!!! FUCK YES!

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Mr Cuddles pretty much nailed it...

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Hahaha well its an oldie but a goodie. Nah if it were to go down you'd have to be up front about it and thats a bit sneaky though it made me laugh. we did something sneaky like that with our last singer we didnt like him so we put an ad in for a new singer while he was still in the band with the intention that we would have a new singer in place when it came time to fire him.Of course he saw the ad and saved us the trouble.Oh well.
Well, all bands have problems, I don't think giving up and quitting will solve them.

You just need to brainstorm some ways to get over these problems. Try a band meeting or something like that. Or drop subtle hints to the drummer and singer.


No, I'm not kidding. Don't go Nazi Germany / Axl Rose on their asses, but tell them (especially your drummer) to kick it into high gear, or he's out.
well im not the power broker in the band so i can't just say hes out like that it would have to be agreed upon.although if it did happen the band would probably just drift apart anyways. Even the singer noticed that he isn't really a good drummer and has basically said as much.Its frustrating if you have a song you wanna do but you can't do it cause you know the drummer cant learn it or doesnt wanna learn it whereas im a team player and learn whatever im asked to (Razorlight ugh nooooooo,its just not my thing).

17.The band is being increasingly treated as a business with money in play, therefore the singer will shoot down song suggestions by me because they're not 100% crowd pleasing,ok fair enough but what about one or two numbers that please THE BAND?Hmm?Too much to ask?

18.The crowd.Okay nothing really to do with the band but ill never ceased to be amazed at the **** a band can get away on stage.Its totally stupifying. We once played a song where the bass player was playing in the wrong key for two thirds of the song with me trying to do my best to steer him back on course. He just had a bad brain fart really but in the end the audience still applauded and didnt look like they noticed at all i mean what does it take for them to notice?The reason why i mention it is because i seem to be the only one in the band who judges a gig by how well we play not by the crowd reaction because half the time it seems that they would cheer if we farted into the microphone for two hours so its moot really. And the good reaction will whitewash the mistakes from memory and so they wont get fixed.
You're still coming up with reasons about 24 hours after your first post. I think you should copy and paste all these things into a document, organize your ideas, print them out, and bring them to the next band practice/rehearsal and talk to your band about it, not us. It'll help you out more in the long run.

Just be like, "hey guys, seriously, we need to talk." Make it sound mandatory, and lead them to a room that isn't prone to distractions (no TVs, guitars, etc.)...like a meat freezer.

Good luck though.
it really sounds like you're having a ****ty time in that band, judging by the gargantuan list of reasons that you hate it. i'd advise talking to them, and if that doesnt work, quiting.
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Be up front and let them know some of your biggest concerns. If they blow that off or arent willing to meet you halfway on anything, leave.

As for your suggestions, they should play anything once the audience will make the call.

Some of the problem is you...that is if you havent been vocal enough with your opinions. If youve tried and tried to work it out you should just pack up and leave, dont look back.
Sounds pretty rough. Sit him down with the entire band, make sure the band is in agreeance with the points you are making, and it's just not you, and give him a deadline. Either he makes some amount of improvement or effort by a certain time and he's out. For being together for so long, either he straight up sucks, or has gotton into the lacksadaisical 'don't give a damn' attitude. It won't hurt to put up a craigslist ad and just jam with another drummer. But yea, from the sound of it, if he doesn't improve, neither will the band as a whole.