Overcome and I feel you digging
Purging deep down in me sadistically
You scream for joy and I watch as
The callous grin on your face forms.
I cry in vain and you watch as
The tears begin to roll like waterfalls.
The agony of a mother’s first hope
Shattered and so disappointing

I am the still born rock never moving
And you are the rapid winds of time
Eroding and devouring.
Spitting me out in a black blood red
Display of tyranny and greed.

Dredge deep until you find no more
But the remnants of a depleted soul
The satisfaction is gone but you need me still
Desensitized to this malevolent apathy
I am a blunt tool of no use throw me away
Draw a blade and plunge deep into my heart

But I will be your downfall and you shall come with me
My death is a vengeance not in vain
For we must feed from one another
And in killing me you’ve condemned yourself.

To death, to hell I command you

You are the still born rock never moving
And we are the rapid winds of time
We’ve booked ourselves front row seats to the end
And written the script ourselves

To condemn ourselves by killing you so
Mother earth us your first born hope.

Okay, so I'm by no means a writer or lyricist and English was one of my worst subjects at school. So yeah, feel free to bash the bad rhythm, phrasing or whatever.
The more you know, the less you understand.
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