Ok, I just got a Randall RG50TC and the gain is pretty nice but i still need it to get heavier.

It's almost into modern high gain territory but not quite there, so i'm just wondering, should i get an od pedal to drive it harder and heavier or get an eq pedal to boost the treble abit?

and which od or eq pedal would you recommend?
Errr from youtube clips it can get really high gain, enough for modern metal, the od will get it there but maybe the eq will help you get the sound you really want :P
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I would go with an EQ dude. If you're looking for a signal boost, an EQ like the MXR one has a slider on the left that adjusts the overall level of the guitar. Simply put that all the way up to boost your signal enough for lead playing. I guess you could do this with an OD also, but an EQ gives you the added benefit of being able to play with the tone, whereas most OD pedals will actually change your tone a bit.
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Get an MXR!
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i would go for both......use the eq to shape your tone and then use overdrive for a lead boost.........which one to get first? if you're playing rhythm for now then go with eq.....if you need lead boost now then go with overdrive....if you can afford em both, get em both
i'll probably be able to afford both but i'm also in the market for a modulation pedal, so i guess i'll try the eq first, then an od.

can anyone suggest a good od?

i'm pretty set on the mxr ten band for an eq. or will the 6 band do? the lack of a volume knob/slider kinda concerns me.
I'd say the 10-band the level and gain control is nice.
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does the gain level add gain or has it got something to do with input gain control?