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kieth richards
1 4%
tommy iommi
3 11%
0 0%
eric johnson
4 14%
5 18%
angus young
2 7%
jimmy page
3 11%
eddie van halen
5 18%
tom morrello
4 14%
richard sambora
1 4%
Voters: 28.
None of these, i'd say Jari Maënpää of Wintersun, but where are Kirk Hammett, Malmsteen, Santana, Satriani, bb king ...

if REALLY i had to choose (difficult because i really love Iommi, Page, Young etc ... i'd say ...
Angus Young / Van Halen / Toni Iommi / Page, in no particular order ^^
Of those Van Halen and Jimmy Page and Angus but my fave guitarist is and always will be Paul Kossoff
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Eric Johnson, he has such a unique style, and good tone.
GOOD tone? my good man, EJ is the King of tone
Versus threads are a bad idea, lead to loads of retarded arguments.
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