I honestly hated it and switched it off after around 30 seconds. Those vocals were horrendous and just felt like they have been placed on top of an equally horrendous tune from something like Ejay. (I couldn't get the "new" song to load so I am basing these comments on the MySpace list on the page...)
I too did not finish the song (mostly cause it took forever to load and I'm really digging the music I'm listening to on iTunes).
I think you're trying waaay to hard to seem psychedelic. You're just listing off drugs and singing in a frankly unpleasant voice (sometimes this can work...but in this case it just comes off as random and unnecessary). Work on having some sort of substance in the lyrics, even if they are drug inspired (e.g. check out how psychedelic imagery is used in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds). Try to make the vocal melody more apparent...I really wasn't clear on what notes you were trying to sing.

Also the backing got pretty annoying after the first 10 seconds or so.

Sorry, I just didn't like it much. Better luck next time? (God knows I've written some songs that reaaally blew)