so like say you were playing an A chord so you would solo with a scale that had a root of A

because i know plenty of scales bu don't really know where i should play them according to what the rhythym
Not quite. If you were playing over JUST an A chord then yeah, an A major scale would work fine. However, determining what scale to use depends on the actual progression (and your own preference). Learn some theory about determining keys of progressions and understanding which scales are applicable.
that's the thing though i don't take lessons and i have no idead where to get any theory lessons
lessons help alot trust me even if its just for technique the money is worth it.
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To learn music theory you don't really need a teacher, provided you're self motivated. If you get stuck you always have the forum to help you along. I'd recommend reading through https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=503032 and seeing what you understand and what you don't. When you reach a part you don't understand, search the forums and the UG lessons to see if theres anything addressing these issues (if not google for them, as there are tons of music theory sites). Don't rush with theory though, try to make sure you really understand and internalize one concept before you start building more complex things off of it.

(If you go to http://www.musictheory.net/ you can just go through the lessons. They start out fairly slow will get you where you seem to want to go)
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