i got one a few months ago......has anyone got one or tried it! its amazing - the guitar can scream. you can play fast due to the acrylic all over it . i´ve had some more experienced guitartists on it and they just drop their jaws. it has one humbucker . and now i´m convinced one humbuckers are good enough. i was trying to look them up and contacted fender- but the only news i got was - that its discontinued. who knows more?
to be honest , i bought it coz it looked the bizness! it was a bonus when i played it. infact - i can´t put it down. if it wasn´t for me being married - i´d sleep with the bugger
that thing looks awesome. i want one now
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Excuse me sir, have you been thinking tonight?
if u cant find one, let me know. i have a mate who has one and its just lying there. once i get abot more money i´m gonna buy it