just placed new tubes in about a month ago. all pcs original with pedal. it is second hand. and to be honest - looks second hand. with some dents and cuts. the cover is red. which is rare. fantastic sound. very loud and proud.

by the way, i´m based in spain. i have stock here and some in london. but this amp is here in spain. i am looking for 450 euros. but please send offers.

i have been buying stuff like this for years - and now realised- why the hec i did it! basically , i have no more space in the flat .

ALSO, i have a large stock of metal and wooden grinders for sale. i use to have a shop selling "pot" accessories- all legal- in spain. i can send pics. ( am i allowed to mention this?)
ok, well i have 2 pcs grinders, 3pc and 5 pcs. some models come with a little filter tray. are you familiar with these items?